Renovation 2022-2023

Here you will find all information about the transformation of the hotel from the takeover (beginning of 2021) to date, and we inform you about what will happen in the near future. Through this page we will keep you informed of the developments during the renovation!

Fall 2022 to June 2023: We're going to expand!

We keep innovating! Our smallest room type, with its 17 square meters surface, meets the least "Van der Valk standards". We have been in the permitting and design process for months, and now we have the green light! We will start a major renovation around November 2022 and we hope to be able to show you the beautiful result in June 2023!

What's about to happen? The front and rear facade of the right hotel wing (seen from the entrance) will be placed 3 meters forward! This increases our Economy rooms by 9.3 m2! After the renovation, the total surface of this room type is not 17 m2, but more than 26 m2! Not only will the inside get a major upgrade, but the facade will also have a look that matches the rest of the hotel.

During the renovation, our hotel will halve in size (number of bookable rooms). During the expansion of the right wing, only the Comfort, Comfort Plus and Deluxe rooms in the other part of our hotel can be booked. However, the quality, hospitality and service does not halve! We try just as hard to make the guests who do stay with us happy and hope that you can look forward to the beautiful end result with us!

Parking during the renovation

Due to the renovation, a limited number of parking spaces are available at the front and back of the hotel. If the parking spaces on the site are full, you may also park your car in the green area against the meadow.