Renovation 2022-2023

Here you will find all information about the transformation of the hotel from the acquisition (early 2021) to the present. Here you can read per month about the developments surrounding the renovation from Nov '22 to May '23!

Renovation Fall 2022 to June 2023

We continue to innovate and become more sustainable! With its 17 square meters, our smallest room type least meets the "Van der Valk standards". After months of applying for permits and designs, we started a major renovation in November 2022. The delivery of the new hotel rooms was planned for June 2023, but was eventually brought forward by a month!

What was done? The front and rear facades of the right hotel wing (seen from the entrance) are placed 3 meters forward! Our smallest rooms have thus been enlarged by 9.3 m2! After the renovation, the total area of this room type is not 17 m2, but more than 26 m2! Not only the inside has been given a major upgrade, but also the facade now has a look that matches the rest of the hotel. Finally, the rooms now meet all contemporary standards regarding sustainability, so that we can be sure that future generations will also benefit from these hotel rooms.

During the renovation, our hotel has been halved in size (number of bookable rooms). During the expansion of the right wing, only the Comfort, Comfort Plus and Deluxe rooms in the other part of our hotel were bookable. Read below the renovation developments from month to month.