In the regulations below you will find the house rules that apply within Van der Valk Hotel Texel - De Koog. By entering/staying at Hotel Texel - De Koog you agree to the house rules below.

  • Dogs are welcome in our hotel, subject to certain conditions. Read our house rules regarding dogs here.
  • All instructions from hotel staff, related to house rules, must be followed.
  • During your presence you will use property of Hotel Texel - De Koog and third parties, it is prohibited to commit theft or destruction.
  • Hotel Texel - De koog can charge a deposit at any time. After the rooms have been inspected and found to be in order at check-out, the deposit will be refunded to you. The security deposit will only be refunded to the guest who provides identification during check-in.
  • A valid ID must be presented at check-in. Check-in is possible from 18 years. Persons under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent/guardian and must be able to demonstrate that they have permission when requested.
  • There are cameras in various places within the building. Everyone who is in our hotel consents to the making of recordings. In the event of calamities and/or incidents, these recordings can be shown to third parties as supporting material.
  • Payments at the hotel cannot be made with €200 and €500 banknotes.

It is not allowed to:

  • To smoke in the hotel. Smoking is prohibited in all our rooms and in all our public areas. If you smoke in the room or in a public area, we are forced to impose a fine of € 150.00.
  • To possess, use or trade (soft) drugs (including nitrous oxide cartridges) or weapons during your stay. If we notice the above, you will be removed from our hotel. We also charge a fine of € 150.00 for this. Remaining nitrous oxide containers cannot be collected and will be destroyed.
  • Paid reception of guests in the room for sexual activities.
  • To be present in the room with more people than the number for which the reservation has been made and to receive visitors in the room.
  • Burn (waxine) candles in the room and/or make party decorations. When party decorations are found, we charge a cleaning fee of € 25.00 per hour.
  • Tape and/or remove fire detectors or otherwise render smoke detectors harmless. We charge a fine of € 150.00 for masking, removing or rendering the smoke detectors harmless.
  • Rent a room in your name without staying in the room yourself.
  • Causing nuisance to another through loud music, obnoxious behavior or noise of any kind. If the fire alarm goes off due to you and the fire service has to drive unnecessarily, we will charge the call-out costs of the fire service of € 275.00 to you.
  • You must leave the room in the same condition as you found it.

We have a one-time warning policy. If this is not followed, you must leave the hotel immediately. No money will be returned and any deposit paid will be retained. A listing on the blacklist also follows, which applies to all Van der Valk Hotels.