During your stay at Van der Valk Hotel Texel-De Koog, a visit to Ecomare Texel is a must. Ecomare is close to our hotel and the popular beach entrance at paal 17. At Ecomare, you can admire seals, porpoises and dozens of other sea dwellers up close, both inside and outside the pools.

Visit Museum Kaap Skil and discover the maritime history of Texel! You can view various unique exhibits here. There is plenty to discover about the history of fishing, shipping and beachcombing. In the open-air museum you will find authentically decorated fishermen's cottages, a smithy, bakery and a museum shop.

Did you know that the Texel Lighthouse is the only lighthouse in the Netherlands where you can look out over the sea on three sides? The 47-metre-high tower stands at the most dangerous sea hole in the Netherlands. In clear weather, you look out over the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site to Vlieland, Wieringen and Den Helder.

During World War II, hundreds of bunkers were built in what is now the Dunes of Texel National Park. Atlantikwall remnants can be found along the Dutch coast. So you can visit the remains of a bunker in Den Helder and the bunkers on Texel in combination with a stay at the Van der Valk hotel on Texel.


Sheep farm

Texel is famous for its many sheep. They can be seen everywhere on the island! At the Schapenboerderij Texel, lambs can be cuddled and visitors can learn more about sheep farming and farm life: from shearing sheep, raising them to seeing old milking machines.

Discover the maritime past and present, listen to beachcomber stories, watch entertaining films, marvel at the many items washed ashore. In the Maritime and Beachcomber's Museum you will see the rich history of beachcombing in sound and vision.