Airport Texel is located 5 kilometers northeast of the village of De Koog and a 10-minute drive from the hotel. In addition to the Teso ferry service, which runs several times a day from Den Helder to Texel and back, you can also reach the island of Texel by plane. Texel International Airport has two runways that are 1,115 meters and 630 meters long. Every year there are about 26,000 flight movements from the airport and there are air travelers from different countries. Are you a fan of small aircraft? Then you can indulge yourself during a pleasant afternoon plane spotting! You can also contact the airport on Texel for a sightseeing flight over Texel.


Is it your dream to one day jump out of a plane? Do you want to check a unique and unforgettable experience off your bucket list? Paracentrum Texel is located 8 kilometers from the hotel, near airport Texel. For a jumping course, training, parachute or tandem jump you have come to the right place at Paracentrum Texel! Both as a beginner and as an experienced paratrooper you can go to Paracentrum Texel. With over 35 years of experience, you can make your first parachute or tandem jump with confidence. Grab your chance and book the parachute jump you've been thinking about for so long during your stay on Texel and view Texel from the air!

Would you like to view the entire island from the air, enjoy the beautiful view, but would rather not make a parachute jump? Then choose a glider flight in a glider or a sightseeing flight with the flying company Tessel Air! You can choose a sightseeing flight of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes and the pilot will explain what you see from the air. A wonderful experience during your holiday on Texel!


Have you become curious about the history of Texel airport? Then visit the Aviation & War Museum! This museum is located on the grounds of Texel airport and focuses on the consequences of the Second World War on Texel and the history of aviation. For example, in the museum you can read about the air war over Texel, the Georgian Revolt and the Atlantic Wall.