Visit Den Burg

Bustling village of Den Burg

Five kilometers away from the hotel is Den Burg; the largest village on Texel! Almost half of residents of Texel live in this village. The center is characteristic and the authentic facades are definitely worth a picture. The village is fully equipped; you will find an Albert Heijn, Hema, Action and Kruidvat, among others.

Shopping in Den Burg

But besides the stores where you can get the daily necessities, Den Burg has many souvenir stores, delicatessen stores with local delicacies, the nicest boutiques, ice cream parlors and bakeries where you get the most delicious treats. At STEK, Kees de Waal and StijlZ you will get the most beautiful decorations for your home. De schapenboet on Texel and Marie are known for their genuine Texel (sheep's wool) products. Stan & Stacy and JOJO Texel are recommended if you want to shop for new clothes. There is also a market every Monday morning around the Groeneplaats. Here you will find vegetables, fruit and cheese, among other things.

Settle down on a terrace or in a café

Need a break? On a nice little square in the center you will find, among others, De Kastanjeboom and Tearoom Timmer. Raaks and Texel Branding are also highly recommended for a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee. For a special beer, Café De Slock is the place to be!

End the day with a movie theater visit!

Den Burg is pre-eminently the village where you can feel free to walk around for a whole day. Enjoy the beautiful buildings, settle down on one of the lovely terraces or cafes, shop a nice new outfit, local delicacies and souvenirs and the nicest home decorations. Want to catch a movie in the evening? Cinema Texel is located in an authentic building in the middle of Den Burg and has two theaters. For the current film offerings, look here. Have fun in Den Burg!