De Cocksdorp Texel

De Cocksdorp, located on the northern tip of the beautiful Wadden Island of Texel, is a charming and picturesque village that has much to offer both residents and visitors. De Cocksdorp is known for its cozy atmosphere, lighthouse and nature.

Texel Lighthouse

One of the most iconic sights of de Cocksdorp is the Lighthouse of Texel. This 47-meter-high tower offers a fantastic view of the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the island itself. Climbing the lighthouse is a popular activity. The panoramic view from the top is breathtaking and gives a unique perspective of the surrounding nature and the calming sea.

Nature paradise

Texel is a paradise for bird lovers and de Cocksdorp is no exception. The nearby nature reserve De Slufter is one of the best places on the island to spot various bird species. Because of its unique location and saline environment, the salt marshes and dunes attract a wide variety of birds, such as spoonbills, avocets and various species of birds of prey. Regular excursions are organized where experienced guides take visitors on discovery tours through this special nature reserve.

Unique point

The northern tip of Texel, where the Wadden Sea meets the North Sea, is a special area with unique dynamics. Because of the strong currents, swimming is not allowed here, but the extensive beach near the lighthouse offers plenty of other recreational opportunities. In addition, you can often spot seals relaxing on the waterfront!

Activities de Cocksdorp

Besides the lighthouse, stores and bird-watching opportunities, de Cocksdorp offers plenty of other activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. The village is surrounded by beautiful nature and extensive beaches, ideal for hiking, biking and beach activities.