Bunker Den Helder

During the Second World War, hundreds of bunkers were built in what is now the Dunes of Texel National Park. In December 1941, Hitler ordered the construction of the Atlantic Wall; a defense line to prevent the Germans from ending up in a two-front war. After the war the gigantic infrastructure of the occupying forces remained. Remnants of the Atlantic Wall can be found along the Dutch coast. You can visit the remains of a bunker in Den Helder and the bunkers on Texel in combination with a stay in the hotel Van der Valk on Texel.


During the war there were more than 500 bunkers on the island. Much of it has been demolished. However, bunkers can still be found in a number of places. Partly under the sand, partly in the sea, but some are clearly visible and can be visited.

Battery Den Hoorn

The old command post is easily accessible on foot and offers a beautiful view of the dunes and the North Sea in the distance.

Bunker at Loodsmansduin

Beautiful view over Den Hoorn and the southern tip of Texel.

Bunker Den Burg

This large German bunker is almost completely covered with sand.

Küver bunker De Cocksdorp

During the war, this was a 12-person shelter with a day room for the Germans. Curious about stories from history? Listen to them here. Bunkers in Den Helder The Defense Line Den Helder is one of the oldest military defense lines still in the Netherlands. The bunker 'FL 250 FlakGruko', part of De Stelling, is one of the two copies still present in the Atlantikwall in Huisduinen near Den Helder. Would you like to visit the bunker in Den Helder? Go to the website of Stelling Den Helder