Visit the Food Forest

We were often told by guests that the Food Forest Texel is a super fun place to visit. It made us so curious that we went to take a look ourselves. We can indeed confirm: the Food Forest Texel is really worth a visit!

Self-picking garden from April 1 to November 1

From April 1 to November 1, you can visit this forest and pick your own fruit, vegetables and other crops! How nice is that?

Farm shop

Upon arrival, you will walk into a large greenhouse, the farm shop. Inside you can settle down for a cup of coffee, tea with a homemade cake. Grab a book from the bookcase and spend the whole afternoon in the greenhouse. You can also shop here for local products for home. How about jam or a bottle of eggnog?

Picking fresh fruit and vegetables

If you want to pick strawberries, courgettes, gooseberries and blueberries, go outside through the left side of the farm shop. You walk via a forest path to the greenhouse and there you can fill your tray with, for example, strawberries that you pay later at the cash register. Of course it depends on the season what grows, but there is always something delicious to be found!

An outing for all ages!

When you go to the right in the farm shop, you come to the Food Forest, where all kinds of things grow, such as blackberries, pears, tomatoes, walnuts. The children can drive around here on the go-kart, or follow the gnome path. If you walk the gnome path, you will receive (for a small fee) a gnome hat and a search card to explore the forest in a playful way. You will even come across gnome houses along the way!

The food forest is arranged in such a way that you can spend the whole day there. There are seating areas both inside and outside, enough entertainment for the children such as a sandbox and a labyrinth, and the most delicious fresh homegrown products are available.

More information & opening times can be found here. Lots of fun!