Pay a visit to Cheese Farm Wezenspyk!

Especially for the cheese lovers among us.. Cheese farm Wezenspyk is a must during your visit to Texel. This farm is located 7 kilometers from our hotel, where you can taste the real taste of Texel!

Sheep museum in a sheep farm

This farm is located between the farmlands. On arrival you can choose to go via the landscape path to the Sheep Museum (located behind the farm). The museum is located in a sheep farm and here you can learn everything about Texel and the sheep. Just because of the views over the farmlands and the sheep farm, a visit to this museum is worthwhile!

Watch the craft in the cheese factory!

When you are back at the front of the farm, you can go through the left entrance to the shop and the cheese factory. Upon entering, the smell of cheese meets you and further on you can look straight into the cheese factory! Great to see how the men there are busy with the cheeses. You will also see the storage of a lot of cheeses! Furthermore, you will be provided with information everywhere and there are attributes everywhere for making the tastiest cheeses.

Cheeses and local products for home

In the shop itself you will of course find the most delicious products for home, including a cheese fondue package (highly recommended!). You can also buy nice gift packages here to make someone else happy. In addition to unique cheeses, you will also find other local products, such as lamb from Texel!

More info

As you can read, we are enthusiastic and definitely recommend a visit to this cheese farm! For more information please visit!