Take an adventurous tour of the island of Texel with a cool E-Chopper! You can easily rent the E-chopper from us, so that you can quickly start your adventure. With the E-Chopper you can drive on the cycle paths and therefore also through the dunes and the forest. From January 1, 2023, wearing a helmet on the E-Chopper is mandatory. Because the De E-Choppers are silent and environmentally friendly, you can enjoy nature and the many hotspots on the island while driving. You can drive 50 kilometers on 1 full battery! Far enough to discover the whole island!

Routes for the E-Chopper 

Along the Waddenzee, over the dunes,and through the forrest, there are several surprising routes on Texel. Via Map of Texel, you can download various cycling routes, which are also suitable for the E-Chopper, such as beautiful routes through the various picturesque villages. Visit the beautiful white church of Den Hoorn or see the home port of the Texel fishing fleet, Oudeschild. During your tour, there are nice moments to get off where you can relax from the E-chopper ride. For more information about cycling routes on Texel, please visit our cycling on Texel page. Do not hesitate any longer and rent a cool E-Chopper, so that your journey of discovery on Texel can begin.

E-Chopper or E-bike?

There are plenty of reasons to choose to hire an E-chopper. For example, an e-chopper is super eco-friendly and also a cool sight. On this super cool E-Chopper, you will silently discover the entire island. Besides E-Choppers, we also rent out (electric) bicycles (E-bikes).

Rent an E-Chopper online

We only have E-Choppers for rent during the cycling season (April to September). The E-chopper is intended for 2 people: an adult and a child from 8 to 15 years old can sit on the back. The maximum weight is 130 kg. Rent an E-Chopper from €35,00!

Book the E-Chopper

E-Chopper reservation!

Are you experiencing problems with the online reservation? Then contact our reception for booking an E-Chopper. Call 0222 317 202 or email We ask on the spot to show your driving license and then you will receive the key and you can drive away! 

Other activities on Texel

Would you like to know what else there is to experience on Texel? At Discover the activities, you can get inspiration and discover the great diversity of the island of Texel.