Behind our hotel, in the nature of the Dunes of Texel National Park, is the Sommeltjespad: a discovery path for young children in the forest. Sommeltjes are, according to Texel legend, small goblins or trolls that lived on Texel long ago. As soon as the moon came out, the living creatures went to the Sommeltjesberg. In the morning, at the sight of the sun, they turned to stone. Children can look for Sommeltjes along the 1.5 kilometer walking route. But look around you and discover much more than just stone figures!


It has become a phenomenon during the corona era; Happy Stones or Sommeltjes. A Happy Stone is a stone that has been beautifully painted by someone and then placed somewhere to make the finder happy. If you find such a stone you can take it home, or put it in another place to give someone else a moment of happiness.


We like that the entire island of Texel is decorated with Happy Toekan Stones. Will you join us? Place your decorated stone, with a toucan painted or drawn on it, along the Sommeltjespad or another place on the island. Share this on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #toekanexpeditietexel (possibly supplemented with the location and tag @valktexel). Do this even if you have found a Happy Toucan stone and put it back somewhere else. We will regularly share nice messages again and raffle great prizes among the makers of the creative Happy Toekan Stones on Texel.