If you own a hybrid or electric car such as a Tesla, Volkswagen ID3, Nissan Leaf, or another e-car, it is always a matter of finding out where you can charge it, especially at your holiday destination! Fortunately, there are enough charging points on Texel to provide your e-car with power again, so that you can discover the entire island of Texel (21 km x 11 km) without any worries.

Charging stations at Van der Valk Hotel Texel-De Koog

Van der Valk Hotel Texel-De Koog currently has one fast charger, suitable for two electric cars with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors. The fast charger has a power of 50 kW. The chargers are not suitable for charging hybrid cars.

Charging stations on Texel

Would you like to charge your electric car elsewhere on Texel? There are currently almost 70 charging stations on Texel where you can recharge your car. Most charging stations can be found in and around De Koog, but you can certainly also visit the villages of Den Burg, Cocksdorp and Oosterend.

Charging points near the hotel

Charging your electric car on the island? There are several possibilities! In addition to the charging station on our hotel grounds, there are several charging stations for your electric car near our hotel.

The closest locations are:
Ruyslaan 45, 1796 AC De Koog (Parking Ecomare)
Californiaweg 443, 1796 PS De Koog (Parking area Residentie California)
Schumakersweg 3, 1796 NM De Koog (Parking swimming pool Calluna)
Boodtlaan 80, 1796 BE De Koog (Parking area Villapark De Koog)

More charging points on Texel
An overview of all charging stations on the island and the availability of the charging stations can be found on this website.

Electricity grid Texel

On Texel, the electricity grid has reached its maximum capacity. These developments have consequences for our power consumption and so do our charging stations. We are working hard to solve this problem on Texel. In 2024 we hope to get clarity about any extra room for energy.