Fancy a little action?

If you are on Texel, you will definitely see them 'flying'; paratroopers! Do you also dare to take the plunge, or are you still in doubt? Our employee Immie has also done it, you can always ask her about her experience! In addition, you can also view Texel from above from an airplane! This sightseeing flight is of course an unforgettable experience.

Cycling and walking on Texel

Discover Texel on land? The nature of Texel is very diverse and consists of (pine and deciduous) forests, dunes, beach, salt marshes and heaths. You will find various walking and cycling routes throughout the island, but of course you can also set out on your own. There are also special walking routes for children! For example, do you know 'Het Sommeltjespad'? This forest trail is less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel!

At sea..

Would you like to visit Vlieland? Which can! Both a one-way trip to Vlieland and a day trip are possible. From De Cocksdorp you will sail to Vlieland in one and a half hours.