Would you like a pleasant day out during your holiday on Texel? Visit Museum Kaap Skil and discover Texel's maritime history! In Museum Kaap Skil you can view various unique exhibitions. There is so much to discover about the history of fishing, shipping and beachcombing. In the underwater archeology exhibition you can admire treasures from shipwrecks. There are also other special finds that give a picture of life on board a ship at that time. In the open-air museum behind the entrance you will find authentically decorated fishermen's houses, a forge, bakery and a museum shop. Museum Kaap Skil has been awarded various international prizes because of the architecture of the entrance building and the exhibitions. For example, the creativity and the presentation in the museum received a special mention. If you are interested in the history of the island of Texel, a visit to the museum is definitely worth it! Would you like a day out with the whole family? There is also plenty to do for children in Museum Kaap Skil. For example, there is a DIY route available that introduces children to the marine life of the past through six activities.

Reede of Texel

In the seventeenth century, the island of Texel was an important hub for international shipping through the largest anchorage in the world: 'De Reede van Texel'. Several large trading ships were anchored on the coast near the village of Oudeschild. They waited until the weather became more favorable, ships were supplied or unloaded. In Museum Kaap Skill you can learn more about the Reede van Texel through the exhibition 'Ship in sight'. This exhibition takes you into the stories of this time and you can admire no fewer than 160 recreated ships.

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Museum Kaap Skil is located in the village of Oudeschild, just over a 10-minute drive from Van der Valk Hotel Texel – De Koog. Are you curious about the opening times, rates or do you want to buy a ticket? Check out the website of Museum Kaap Skil. Have you not yet booked a hotel stay on Texel and are you curious about the possibilities? Then view our hotel rooms for your holiday on Texel.

If you are staying at Van der Valk Hotel Texel - De Koog, you can also buy the entrance tickets for the museum at the hotel reception. You will receive an entrance voucher for the museum at the reception. You pay the same rate as at the museum and online.