Parachuting on Texel: an adrenaline rush in the sky!

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline and adventure, parachuting on Texel is exactly what you are looking for. The largest Dutch Wadden Island not only offers beautiful landscapes and quiet beaches, but also the opportunity to literally jump out of a plane and soar free as a bird above the North Sea.

Is parachuting on Texel also on your bucket list?

Skydiving is on many people's bucket list. Of course, this is not at all surprising. As a true daredevil, you can indulge yourself when you go parachuting on Texel. The sensation of the wind whipping past your body and the feeling of weightlessness are overwhelming and indescribable.

Skydiving safely

Safety comes first, of course. One company that has made a very good name for itself in the 35 years it has been established on Texel is the Texel Paracentre. You can go here for your first jump with peace of mind. The Texel Paracentre has been the most beautiful location in the Netherlands for parachute jumps since 1969. The full-time professional instructors make sure you feel safe and guide you every step of the way. 

Learning to parachute jump

Would you like to learn to skydive by yourself? Always dreamed of jumping out of a plane by yourself? You can! You can learn to parachute by yourself at Paracentrum Texel. Various courses are offered here for people who want to learn to parachute by themselves. The duration of the courses vary from two days to two weeks. During this period, you will be prepared to parachute independently. Are you ready for your solo adventure?

Magical Texel

Time seems to stand still for a moment as you enjoy this magical moment high above the world. You will feel a sense of total freedom that you will never forget. Finally, you approach the ground and land on the Texel beach. Your heart is still pounding with excitement and your body is tingling with energy. Does this adventure sound like something for you? Then check out Paracentrum Texel for more information.