Mudflat hiking on Texel: a unique experience

Texel, the largest Dutch Wadden Island, attracts tourists not only for its beautiful beaches and cosy villages, but also for a unique experience that attracts nature lovers and adventurers: mudflat hiking. This special phenomenon offers a glimpse into a world normally hidden under the water surface of the Wadden Sea.

Wadlopen is an activity in which you explore the dry seabed of the Wadden Sea on foot. On Texel, there are different routes you can take, depending on your experience and the time you want to spend on this adventurous trip. When mudflat hiking, it is very important to keep a close eye on the water tides. This way, you will avoid being surprised by the water. Would you like to go out safely? Then book a wading excursion. Furthermore, it is very important to make the right preparations. Good walking shoes or boots are a must, as are clothes that can get dirty and protection from the sun. The weather on the Wadden Sea can change quickly, so it is wise to bring rainwear and a cap as well.

Bird species and dynamic landscape 

Once out and about, you are soon enchanted by the tranquillity and vastness of the mudflats. The feel of the mud under your feet and the wind in your hair creates a sense of freedom that is hard to find elsewhere. Along the way, you will encounter various plants and animals that have adapted to living in this dynamic landscape. Bird lovers will enjoy the many bird species that make their home here.

It is recommended to go on the mudflats with a guide. During the trip, an experienced guide will tell you all about the nature of the Wadden area. You will learn about the special ecosystems, the influence of low and high tides or in other words life in the seabed.

After several hours of discovery and adventure, it is time to return to Texel. The fatigue in your legs will be compensated by a sense of accomplishment and a wealth of memories. Back on the island, you can enjoy a well-deserved meal in one of the local restaurants or at our hotel. We have a lovely terrace where you can take a seat or have a drink in our hotel bar.