Come and enjoy a drink in the luxurious hotel bar! Our tastefully decorated hotel bar is the perfect place to unwind after a day on the island. Settle down on our lovely velvet sofa and order one of your favourite cocktails. From refreshing summer drinks to warm, aromatic creations for winter evenings, the hotel bar is cosy at any time of year. We offer a wide range of (Texel) beer, cocktails, soft drinks and you can also take a seat here for a cup of coffee or tea.

Whether you are looking for peace and quiet, sparkling conversation, or just want to share an intimate moment by candlelight, our hotel bar offers the perfect setting. In addition to delicious drinks, you can of course also enjoy a variety of snacks. Step inside our elegant hotel bar and be embraced by the hospitality of our staff!

The hotel bar is daily open from 11 A.M. untill 12.00 A.M. for both guests with and without hotel stay.