The Slufter on Texel

De Slufter on Texel is one of the Wadden Island's most iconic and fascinating nature reserves. De Slufter offers a unique and dynamic landscape that tells a story of tides, sand, water and special flora and fauna.

The Slufter is special because here the sea has free rein. It is one of the few places in the Netherlands where the dunes are directly connected to the sea. This creates a beautiful and unique landscape that you will not easily find anywhere else.

Special plants 

This constant interplay of tides makes De Slufter a unique biotope for many plant and animal species. Salt-loving plants such as glasswort and sea lavender thrive here. In summer, the Slufter colours beautifully with the purple flowers of sea lavender and the green of the other vegetation, which is a spectacular sight.

Bird watching

For bird lovers, the Slufter is also a true paradise. Especially during bird migration in spring and autumn, the area is a busy stopover for many migratory birds. Birds such as Texel eider ducks and even rarer birds can be spotted here.

Where is De Slufter located?

The name "Slufter" refers to the opening in the dunes through which seawater flows in. The nature reserve can be found in the northwest of Texel, De Slufter lies between the villages of De Koog and Cocksdorp on the North Sea side.

Hiking on Texel

Relaxing in all seasons? Then come hiking on Texel! Hiking in De Slufter nature reserve is a real paradise. The various bird and plant species ensure optimum enjoyment here. Besides the birds, you can also admire beautiful konik horses here. Indeed, in 2019, 20 konik horses have been released in the northern part of the area. A large part of The Slufter is also accessible for wheelchair users. At the main entrance (lookout point) of the nature reserve, there is a special path next to the stairs, with this you can usually get into the salt marsh as far as the beach. At the Slufter café you can borrow a special beach wheelchair if necessary. Curious about more walking routes? Then look here for an overview of different walking routes on Texel.