Texel is famous for its many sheep. They can be seen all over the island! Nearly 25,000 lambs are born in the spring. In total, almost 38,000 sheep graze on Texel. Lambs can be cuddled at the Texel Sheep Farm and visitors can learn more about sheep farming and farm life: from shearing sheep, herding sheep to seeing old milking machines.

Farmer Hans Witte, son Lennart and daughter Mariska keep no fewer than 25 different sheep breeds here. Lambs are born on the farm almost every day from early spring to late October. As a visitor you can see it up close, while the farmer explains.

But there's more! Outside is a bouncy castle and there is a cable car. And there is a colorful collection of animals to be found: chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, ponies and a donkey. Fancy something tasty? Sink into a lovely woolen fur chair in the restaurant and don't forget to look around the farm shop full of sustainable products.