2021 | Van der Valk Hotels puts toucan on Hotel De Pelikaan Texel Hotel De Pelikaan Texel has been Van der Valk Hotel Texel-De Koog since 2021. This makes the first Van der Valk Hotel on the Wadden Islands a fact. Derk Langebeek (4th generation of the Van der Valk family) goes back to the roots of his grandmother Corry van der Valk-de Wit (1926 – 2017). 'Grandma Corry' was born and raised on the farm 'de VoorUit' in De Cocksdorp on Texel. Van der Valk Hotel Texel - De Koog is thus a dream come true and where new family stories will be written.

The new Van der Valk hotel on Texel has recently been adapted and renovated. One thing, however, has remained unchanged: “The hotel is located in one of the most beautiful spots on Texel, close enough to the seaside resort of De Koog to experience bathing life, yet far enough away to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty in peace.” Many changes and innovations are planned in the near future to ensure that the hotel eventually meets the Van der Valk 4-star+ standard.Read what is planned below in the extensive timeline.


Goal: to improve the quality of the hotel so that the hotel meets the Van der Valk standard (4-star+).

In time
After the extensive renovation of the Economy rooms, there are also plans to expand the rear of the hotel and thus give an impulse to the hotel's facilities.

2022 - 2023
The most important change to make the hotel worthy of 4-star+ is to increase the Economy Plus rooms. This major renovation took place from November 2022 to May 2023! Are you curious about this renovation?

Information about renovation 2022-2023

2022 | Upgrade Comfort and Comfort Plus rooms
At the beginning of 2022, all Comfort, Comfort Plus and the Disabled Room will be fitted with new carpet, furniture, wallpaper and lighting. This is another step towards the Van der Valk standard.

2021 | From 3 to 4 stars
All the changes and modernizations made in 2021 have earned us a 4-star rating in December 2021! Of course we are very happy with that!

2021 | Hotel takeover and renovations
The Pelican has been taken over by Van der Valk. The new owners Derk and Lisa have first of all transformed the Economy Plus rooms, the lobby and the restaurant so that the guests immediately get the 'Valk feeling' upon entering.

2020 | Fully equipped
The hotel has 61 hotel rooms and various apartments and has been adapted to the times over the years.

1973 | Each hotel room has its own shower and toilet Equipped with all the conveniences and comfort that may be expected of a three star hotel.

The 60s | Kamphuis becomes Hotel de Pelikaan
The Kamphuis became a hotel, whereby the restaurant, lounge and additional hotel rooms were realized and added. Hotel de Pelikaan then consisted of 33 rooms and six shared wash and toilet areas.

1940 -1944 | The tourist flow is decreasing, but Kamphuis de Pelikaan continues to exist
In order to continue to attract guests during the war, a special brochure was published stating that, contrary to many fear stories, Texel was in a completely undamaged condition. And that one only had to bring bread cards and everything else was present. But of course the wartime had an influence on the occupation, despite the fact that the dormitories were enlarged and small houses for 4, 6 and 8 people had been built on the property.

1934 | Construction of the Kamphuis De Pelikaan
At the time, this accommodation had 80 beds and a large outdoor area where camping could be done. An apt description from the folder from then: "De Pelikaan is located in one of the most beautiful places on Texel, close enough to the seaside resort of De Koog to experience the bathing life and yet far enough away to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty in peace. "